Give your business a virtual trial

There are no trials in a business. Either you are a hit or you miserably fall. The mediocre sustain a difficult balance. The nature of every business depends on its location. What happens when you are allowed to test how deep the water is with a prime business location but having no physical office in it?

Welcome to the concept of virtual offices. Here, you have an office at the second level, International Trade Tower, Nehru Place on your business collaterals but no physical office space.

Why Use a Virtual Office?

Our virtual office at Nehru Place is an ideal resolution for those entrepreneurs who have limited business capital and even those established international organizations who are searching for a place to expand their operations in India but at a lesser risk.

This option of a virtual office is popular with companies looking to expand with their business locations to show their pan presence in international countries to their prospective clients. All this without the risk of having one’s own office space is a deal not to be missed!

Why Use a Virtual Office?

The virtual office users know about the flexibility they experience while they introduce their business at new forums. They operate from any location, be it their bedroom, couch, garage or even a mountain top. With their business credentials set right, the prime location does the magic for their products or services.

If at any stage of their business, the need to meet a client arises, they can easily book a meeting room with us to bring about authenticity and trust in their dealings. The first impression of your clients upon the lavish office setting leaves an everlasting mark on your business and brings a podium that is easy to compete.

Use our reception services for your business to reflect a professional behaviour in the market. Stand out from your competitors who are struggling to survive in the mushrooming.

Benefits of Using a Virtual Office in Nehru Place

Call Answering – Never miss that call again

Tap the market which was unreachable with our call answering service. Imagine the impression that is cast when you have a receptionist to answer your client calls in your company name. Only a virtual PA team at Nehru Place gives you that leverage. Our experienced professional team is proficient to handle your business calls and transfer it them to you.

How do we develop your business?

  • The professionally equipped team at reception
  • Transfer your calls to your convenient number
  • Electronic switchboard identifies your company name to answer accordingly

Client Testimonials

John GaySouth Asia- Defence
Rolls Royce India Pvt. Ltd

SVP Customer Business

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Shehla Raza HasanConferderation of
British Industry

Country Head

The centre team is I think very well chosen. They have been really helpful to us. They have been exceptional and specially, they take constructive feedback very seriously.

Dr. Anil SinghStar India Pvt. Ltd

Executive Editor

They are quite professional and working with them is quite convenient for us. We appreciate their loyalty and their devotion to their work.