We understand that your business needs utmost flexibility and affordability, without being locked down to a long-term service agreement. That’s where our high quality serviced offices in Gurgaon are your ticket.

Whether you’re a small business owner or a well-known organisation looking for temporary office space, a serviced office in Gurgaon provides everything you require to get your business up and running.

Avanta Business Centre provides exceptional quality serviced offices in Gurgaon at Park Centra, each one designed specifically to match your business requirements. Choose from both small office spaces for new set-ups or larger suites for multi-national corporations seeking affordable, well-manned accommodation.

We have flexible lease terms, which mean you can extend your tenure with Avanta at any point in time. Our USP lies in being a non-branded organisation. You will not find our name or logo on any of our property. Our flexible pricing allows you to have cost-effective solutions for your business. We look after all your business related formalities so that you can do what is best for your business.

Benefits of a Serviced Office in Gurgaon

Our serviced offices in Gurgaon boast of uber-chic décor, serving all your essential office requirements. The serviced offices spaces in Gurgaon plus the services we offer, all comes to you in affordable packages. We have flexible office space pricing to suit your budgetary needs.

Flexible Licenses & Transparent Pricing

Renting serviced offices in Gurgaon can have a heap of legal formalities. From legal documentation to terms of hiring, it can be a bit fussy for you to understand. But, with serviced offices in Gurgaon at Park Centra, you don’t have to worry much. All you need to do is to read a three-page agreement. The first two pages have details on pricing and the third page contains the terms and conditions.

We believe in transparent pricing, that is why we make simple bills, on monthly basis. The second page on the agreement has breakup of what you will pay every month. Our all-inclusive prices include services like photocopying, printing, snacks, internet access, local phone calls, telephone handset,and postal services. So you already know what your monthly bill will exactly be and there are no surprises when you get the invoice.

Call Management & Reception Services

With our ready-to-go offices spaces in Gurgaon, you get the services of a trained reception team. We have an expert team that attends your business calls in your company name. They greet your customers and answer your calls as per the instructions given by you. Our trait lies in being a non-branded organisation, therefore our reception team attend your calls, visitors, and postal receiving in your company name.

Phone Lines

We know that communication is important to carry a business. That is why we provide dedicated board line numbers for your business. If required, you can avail the specially designed conference phones too. You can enjoy the benefits from DID’s (Direct Inward Dialling), Cisco IP phones, PRI lines and you can retrieve your voice mails on the go.

High Speed Internet

Internet is a must for any business at present. We provide our clients with the advanced leased lines internet connection to make it faster and smoother. We provide internet over leased lines which is divided by multiple SP’s to our server room over fibre optic cables, we have a robust set-up of best available Cisco Gigabit Switcher which deliver secure internet connection to your offices over CAT- 6 cables.

Environmentally Responsible

As a corporate body, we understand our duty towards the environment. We take all the necessary steps so that our business activities should not have an adverse effect on the environment. Whether it is recycling or reducing things, we always take an initiative. Our offices have paper shredders, which make recycling of paper easier.

We check our equipment for carbon emission, all in accordance with the present environmental regulations. We use the very expensive Interface Carpets as a standard, which leaves zero carbon footprints and no toxic fumes in your office unlike other carpets. Our clients have all the liberties to have plants in their offices, thus increasing their work productivity. We also focus on having energy efficient works spaces, which helps us in less energy consumption.

Communal Areas

We have well designed communal areas to add recreational spots to your office. All our communal areas are Wi-Fi enabled so that you don’t loose the connections you require. You can enjoy the snacks and beverages readily available in the kitchen section. You can use the microwave, crockery, and cutlery. You can also enjoy the Lavazza coffee available all the time in the kitchen.

Client Testimonials

John GaySouth Asia- Defence
Rolls Royce India Pvt. Ltd

SVP Customer Business

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Shehla Raza HasanConferderation of
British Industry

Country Head

The centre team is I think very well chosen. They have been really helpful to us. They have been exceptional and specially, they take constructive feedback very seriously.

Dr. Anil SinghStar India Pvt. Ltd

Executive Editor

They are quite professional and working with them is quite convenient for us. We appreciate their loyalty and their devotion to their work.